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(2010 Star Wars Packaging Revealed)



Collectors and consumers of Star Wars merchandise will discover a new look across all product lines this fall -- a striking "Clone and Sky" design that delivers a fresh, stylized look capturing the spirit of the Star Wars saga. Bill Concannon, principal at packaging design firm PILOT, answered a few questions about the new look, which is scheduled to start hitting store shelves on August 1, 2010:
今秋,《星战》商品的收藏者和消费者会发现,全部生产线都将换上新式外观——“克隆人与天空”的清新风格设计,它引人注目并蕴涵着《星战》传奇的精神。Bill Concannon是包装设计公司PILOT的负责人,他回答了有关这个新外观的几个问题,该设计预计于2010年8月1日开始冲击商场货架。

The new "Clone and Sky" banner packaging is stunning -- very evocative of a World War II-style propaganda poster. Can you describe how this design came to be?

At PILOT, we start every project with a "deep dive" into the story as we look for inspiration. For the 2010 Star Wars brand packaging style guide, the "Clone and Sky" concept first began at PILOT with a very tight crop into the eyes of Anakin Skywalker looking off into the distance. This concept evolved as we began to discuss other characters that we felt, in discussion with Lucasfilm, could best represent the 2010 Clone Wars brand look. The idea of having Rex as the face of the Star Wars brand in 2010 quickly rose to the top.

Rex is a strong, courageous character who is clearly one of the heroes of The Clone Wars. However, we were reluctant to use Rex because a very powerful attribute to our initial concept was the ability to look into the character's eyes, and Rex's helmet took away the emotional connection of eye contact. Recognizing this void and understanding the need to bring emotion and intensity back into the artwork, PILOT co-founder Chris Ford digitally painted an incredibly strong visual element with the ominous "blue sky", giving the effect that you are on the frontlines in the Clone Wars.
雷克斯是一个坚强,勇敢的角色,无疑是《克隆人战争》中的英雄之一。不过,对于使用雷克斯我们还是有些勉强,因为我们的初始概念里有一个特质十分震撼人心,即能直视人物的双眼,而雷克斯的头盔隔绝了视线交流的情感联系。PILOT的联合创始人Chris Ford意识到了这一缺失,也了解到需要将强烈的情感带回作品中去,他用数字方式创作了一幅包含强烈视觉元素的不祥“蓝天”绘画,为你营造出一种身处“克隆人战争”前线的印象。

One of the most interesting features of the new design is the cloud background -- a refreshing choice for product packaging designed to sell a space saga.

From a PILOT perspective, it is imperative that we have the packaging look and feel like the show. For 2010, the foreboding blue sky came to symbolize both the war taking place as well as foreshadow the gloomy future for the Republic. Additionally, we were cognizant that the Clone Wars battles take place in parts of the galaxy that have earthly skies. Similarly to other signature Star Wars icons, it seemed natural that the environment (in this case the blue sky) should be a key element to help represent the 2010 Star Wars brand.

What impression do you hope to leave with consumers of Star Wars products with the new line look?

The intensely cinematic visuals and sound of the new Clone Wars episodes provided a springboard of inspiration for PILOT. The characters, art and story are incredibly engaging and unlike any other story out there! PILOT's motivation was to create brand packaging elements that did justice to the hard work, creativity, inspiration and craftsmanship that Lucasfilm delivered in the series.

Could you briefly discuss the design for the action figure cardbacks?

The creation of the action figure card backs is always the most enjoyable part of the design process, simply because they have such a special place in everyone's heart. Alternately, it is a bit of a double-edged sword for PILOT because it heightens the level of criticism that will inevitably be received. Many feel that past action figure card backs have been too clever or custom. However, one thing is certain: everyone loves the characters and the fantastic artwork that represents them. Keeping all this in mind, PILOT wanted to create a shape and design that was more simple than in year's past, but still unique. By keeping the design simple, PILOT was able to maximize the canvas area of the card to show more character art. For the 2010 Star Wars action figure card backs, you will see a large area, top to bottom, fully dedicated to the Star Wars characters that we love. We hope that you enjoy!

For more information on PILOT, please visit their website at creativepilot.com .


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