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(Always an Adventure)


It was Thursday, March 27, at 10:40 am when my manager almost casually mentioned across the office, "Oh we got the word. You're going to Australia." A whirlwind of paperwork, packing and planning later, I'm now sitting at Gate 94 of San Francisco International Airport, waiting for the plane that will take me down to Sydney to cover the filming of Episode III, the final missing piece in the Star Wars puzzle.

I forget exactly how the idea of planting a correspondent in the thick of things came about. It was something that just wasn't feasible with Episode II. Our starwars.com team is so small (you probably wouldn't believe me if I told you), sparing a body for an extended trip Down Under just couldn't happen. But now, we've got more experience and resources under our belts to make this possible.

Around the Ranch, there's a business-school buzz-phrase called "managing ambiguity," a laudable skill in this kind of work. It fits rather well with this ongoing set diary since we won't know what we've got until we've got it. It's doubly fitting since that applies to filmmaking as well, particularly in the organic "living document" approach favored by George Lucas. This online journal is a new adventure, and who knows where it'll take us (I honestly don't... but I've got a few ideas).
(天行者)农场里有句叫“管理不确定”商学院术语,叫做“managing ambiguity”,意指“应对不明确的事”,在这工作中是值得称赞的技巧。它非常适用于“片场日记”的连载,因为我们在作出报道之前从不知道将会报道些什么。它双倍适用于电影拍摄的进程,特别是乔治•卢卡斯喜欢的“幕后花絮直播”。这种网络日志是新的冒险,谁知道这会把我们带向何方(老实说我不知道……不过我已经有了些主意)。

My task is to communicate my experiences on set through regular updates, but there's a lot of room to maneuver within that very vague direction. So expect this journal to develop and evolve as the production continues. Since my own background is from fandom, I'll try to point out the things fans would find unusual, remarkable, or just plain cool.

I'm sure many readers out there are eagerly -- or nervously -- asking "Will there be spoilers?" Yeah, well, probably, depending on your definition of spoiler. But that's too narrow a view of what this journal's about. Sure, some of the story of Episode III will be touched upon, but this is the story of the making of the movie. If you're afraid of knowing too much, I'll be sensitive to that with appropriate warnings and whatnot. On the other hand, if you're convinced that nothing substantive will leak out through these reports, I can say that I will need to put certain things into context, and if doing so lets attentive readers deduce Episode III secrets, so be it. And, on top of that, you get the added benefit of knowing that these reports are true and not misheard Internet gossip or bogus news.

The last few weeks, I've been re-reading Alan Arnold's Once Upon A Galaxy and Derek Taylor's The Making of Raiders of the Lost Ark to see what other precedents there were for chronicling a Lucasfilm venture. Those aren't completely compatible examples, however, since this journal and Episode III are unique ventures. The writers of those books knew their works would come out scrubbed clean years after the project began, with several pairs of editorial eyes that knew the end of the story looking over their works.

This journal doesn't have the benefit of that safety net. It's just a writer on one side of the world, and an editor on the other, serving this up to the Hyperspace community. "Raw" will probably end up being a good word to describe this.

So here's the first entry. I'm getting my routine preflight butterflies, and am shaking away those oh-too-common spasms of uncertainty where I'm convinced I forgot to pack something, pay that one bill, or shut off an iron I don't even own.

They've started boarding passengers. I'd best unplug and get ready for the next fourteen or so hours airborne. See you Down Under.

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